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With the help of the service you can set an alarm with an alert on your computer, leaving it in sleep mode. Enough to set the alarm online. To do this, specify the exact time of the alarm, select the appropriate alarm sound and press "START".

The benefits of an alarm clock

  • Alert in the background in the computer's browser
  • Ability to select the appropriate alert signal
  • Setting the alarm in a convenient and intuitive interface

Service features

An online alarm clock on a computer or laptop is in sleep mode. Just set the right time, click start and, without closing the browser tab, leave the computer turned on. At the specified time, the alarm will sound and you will be offered two buttons - “Stop” and “Sleep for another 10 minutes”.

It is important to remember: the online alarm clock will work only when the computer is turned on and if it is connected to the network. Unfortunately, when the computer is turned off, the alarm does not work. Unfortunately, at the moment the technical capabilities do not allow us to remotely turn on the power of your computer. The notification is carried out online in your browser.

What time is it to set the alarm?

Practice shows that most often users set the alarm at 7 am. It is this time that is ideal for waking up and waking up on time, having a couple more hours left before work. Set the alarm clock online for 7 hours using the service Set the time, press start and leave the computer on. The alarm will ring at exactly 7 o'clock, and you will definitely have time to do everything that you have planned.

In the summer, many people, especially those who are used to waking up early, set the alarm at 6 am. Due to the early sunrise the body enters the period of wakefulness much earlier. Therefore, if you feel the strength to get up with the sun - set the online alarm clock at 6 am, starting your day a few hours earlier than the others.

How to choose a sound?

What sound you wake up to is very important, as getting out of sleep should ideally be gradual and gentle. Someone prefers to wake up to the pacified sounds, someone likes more loud or very loud sounds of the alarm clock like sirens, which help to instantly cheer up at any time of the day or night. With the help of the service, you can choose the appropriate alarm sound from several options presented. We have selected the most harmonious sounds, among which each user will find the perfect one for himself.

To date, the function of choosing your own alert melody is under development. In the near future, you can set an alarm online on your computer by setting any music track or sound track as a signal. Alarm clock online with a choice of songs - it is very convenient. You completely control the process of waking up without changing your own habits. All you need to wake up in time is to choose your favorite melody, set the time and leave the computer or laptop with an open tab on the site

How else to use the alarm clock?

An online alarm clock can also be used as an alert and reminder system. During the working day, some important things are often lost in my head. To prevent this from happening, just set the alarm with a sound reminder. So you definitely will not forget about an important event during the day.

An online alarm clock on a computer can also be used while studying. It is known that the learning process is most effective during an academic hour - 45 minutes. Intense mental activity is recommended to be divided into equivalent time stages. Each time, starting a training or working session, set yourself an alarm so that it rang in 45-60 minutes. After each alarm call, take a break of 5-15 minutes, and then proceed to a new session. So you can increase your productivity during the day.

The online alarm clock is a multifunctional assistant in your browser.